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Welcome to TMNT University!

Donations for Contest Prizes: TMNT-U-Donation


Q: I have lots of great TMNT art. Can I submit it to your group?

A: We're sorry, only TMNT University themed art will be accepted by our group.

Q: What is the difference between being a member and "enrolling"?

A: Being a member of the group is easy - just join. Enrollment means that you want to be a part of the 2010 TMNT U class photo.

Q: How do I enroll myself or my fancharacter in TMNT University?

A: Anyone is welcome to join the group as a member, but if you want to be part of the class photo, you must enroll your student by filling out the enrollment form for your year. 2010 Class Photo enrollment is now closed.

Q: I have a great group, too! Can I affiliate my group with your group?

A: Sorry, TMNT-U will only affiliate with other TMNT groups at this time.


Q: My fancharacter is not a turtle. Can s/he still appear in the photo?

A: Absolutely! All are welcome, including non-mutants and humans.

Q: I don't have a fancharacter. Can I still participate?

A: You are welcome to draw yourself in the TMNT U uniform, if you'd like to participate, but don't have a character.

Q: I don't have a digital art program on my computer. Can I submit a drawing in marker or color pencil?

A: If you are using color pencils or other traditional media, please make the colors dark and vibrant. Light colors will not be accepted, so we may ask you to re-color your submission.
:bulletred: Many free digital resources are now available - Gimp,, and older versions of OpenCanvas are all free for your use to help color your drawings.

Q: I don't have a scanner. Can I take a photo of my drawing?

A: For quality purposes, photos of your submission will not be accepted unless we can't tell they're photos. Scanners are easily available at most copy service centers.

Q: Can I have my character in a special pose, or holding hands with Mike, or playing a prank on another character?

A: The TMNT canon characters will be the professors, and will be standing to the sides of the student group, so your character will not be able to interact with them. However, if you would like to be placed near a special character, we will put you as close to them as possible :)

Q: I want my character to be holding up a sign/wearing a huge hat/holding a weapon. Is that okay?

A: Don't forget that this is a class photo, so your character will be sitting in close quarters with other characters. If you plan on doing something that requires a lot of space, request to stand in the back or make sure that it doesn't cover up someone else's drawing!

Q: My character is older/younger than normal college age. Can she still attend, or be an instructor?

A: Your character should look college age for this photograph (teen or older). We're sorry, only canon characters will be instructors at TMNT-U.

Q: Can my character wear his/her uniform differently? Like, can they wear their tie as a headband or sag their pants?

A: Yes! You're allowed to customize your uniform quite a bit, but it must still be identifiable as the school uniform.

Q: What is the class schedule? What do the professors teach? How many years can my character attend TMNT University?

A: The TMNT University group isn't an RPG, it's just an art project. we don't have a class schedule or specific subjects that students must take, or anything like that. As such, you're welcome to do whatever you'd like! You can roleplay, make comics, give your character whatever class list, major, or instructors you'd like - whatever you want!

Newest Members

My original plan was to let members make up whatever clubs they wanted to in their event entries and then make a list of all those clubs after for future reference. But no one has entered anything yet and members are requesting a club list. So, I am going to list some typical clubs to start it off and if anyone wants to add one, post it in the comments and it will be added.


Art Society
Comic Book
Environmental Awareness
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
Music Band
Track and Field
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